Leslie Caron received a Ph.D from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in France where she worked on skeletal muscle differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells. Following her degree, she joined Pr Ken Chien?s laboratory at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. Her postdoctoral studies focused on isolating cardiovascular progenitors from mouse and human ESCs and showed that a triple-marked Isl1+/Nkx2.5+/Flk1+ multipotent progenitor gives rise to the three major lineages of the heart: cardiac myocytes, smooth muscle, and endothelial cells. This study provided new insights into the lineage diversification during mammalian heart development and represents a new strategy for cardiac tissue regeneration. In 2011, Leslie Caron moved to Australia to join Genea, an IVF Clinic and Stem Cell Company based in Sydney, and was awarded a fellowship from FSHD Global Research Foundation to develop stem cell-based models for muscular dystrophies using affected human ESC lines. Lack of a suitable cellular model for muscle diseases was stunting research into muscle diseases, with very little known and no progress in therapeutics. The system she developed is now commercialized and being used by researchers in Europe and USA. In 2016, Leslie joined the Charles Perkins Centre to set up a human pluripotent stem cells platform for the study of various human diseases.

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